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One of the activities we offer is a guided Japanese practice called Forest Therapy (Shinrin-yoku). It is a research and evidence-based practice that supports health and wellness through guided, slow, sensory walks in forests and other natural environments.

Forest Bathing when used with mindfulness of breath promotes healing and wellbeing.

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Judy is a retired psychotherapist. She is the author of the book, "Aging with Mindfulness, Living Life on Purpose." Following the book with Judy as your guide is an excellent way to establish your own practice. There are six lessons; each lesson begins with an overview page to guide you through the contents contained in the lesson. It includes an intention for the week, a contemplation for your journal, and guided meditation to teach a mindfulness practice. We will also provide a link for each meditation. In individual sessions, we will discuss the lesson of the week and prepare you for the next lesson.

Judy will demonstrate how to use mindfulness practices to change habits, manage stress, and/or establish a daily practice that is unique to your lifestyle and comfort.

You can purchase the book, AGING WITH MINDFULNESS, Living Life on Purpose, at Amazon. Books are available at the center for $15.00.

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